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Terms of service

Annex №2

to the Public Offer on the conclusion of agency agreements

and/or Agency Agreement






1. These Rules establish the measures of responsibility of the Seller to the Buyer and are concluded within the framework of the execution of the Public Offer on the conclusion of agency contracts posted on the website https://myglobalflowers.com/agency-contracts, https://myglobalflowers.de/agency-contracts, https://myglobalflowers.es/agency-contracts and https://myglobalflowers.fr/agency-contracts.

Type of violation

Seller's responsibility

The bouquet does not correspond to the composition / size / color / photo posted on the website / does not correspond to the number of flowers

At the Buyer's choice one of the options: a fine of 20% of the cost paid by the Buyer, but not less than 7 USD / 6 EUR

or the re-delivery of the bouquet or the delivery of an apologetic bouquet (no penalty is charged) 

Did not deliver the order

Penalty 50% of the order value

Did not deliver part of the order


Penalty 4 USD/ 3.5 EUR

Absence of a postcard or incorrect/poorly readable text in a postcard


Penalty 4 USD/3.5 EUR

Poor quality of flowers


Penalty 7 USD/6 EUR and/or over-delivery of a Bouquet/Composition of proper quality within 12 hours

Bad/rude/incorrect communication of staff


Penalty 4 USD/3.5 EUR

Part of the order has not been delivered


The money for the undelivered part is not paid

Delivery is not made due to the irrelevance of the bouquet for the Buyer to any of the above circumstances


Funds for undelivered Goods are not paid

Delivery on the day or how many days ahead of time


At the Buyer's choice, the Seller delivers the necessary bouquet again on the proper day and time or delivers an apologetic bouquet on the proper day and time at his own expense

Delivery of add-ons/related Products/postcards after Order delivery


Delivery with an apologetic complement


2. In case of claims on the part of the Buyer, the Seller undertakes to take all measures to resolve this claim within 8 hours from the moment the Claim is sent to the seller by the Agent.

3. In cases not included in the scope of this document, the degree of liability and the amount of compensation will be considered individually or in the rules published on the Website / Personal Account.

4. These Rules come into force from the moment of posting on the Site https://myglobalflowers.com/terms-of-service, https://myglobalflowers.de/terms-of-service, https://myglobalflowers.es/terms-of-service and https://myglobalflowers.fr/terms-of-service and they are valid until the moment of recall by the Agent.

If these Rules are changed by the Agent during the term of the Contract, the Service Rules are considered to be valid on the terms in the latest edition.

Information about changes to these rules is brought to the Seller by posting on the Website https://myglobalflowers.com/terms-of-service, https://myglobalflowers.de/terms-of-service, https://myglobalflowers.es/terms-of-service and https://myglobalflowers.fr/terms-of-service.

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